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Honey Garlic Chicken

We’ve been enjoying this new recipe recently.   Usually, I am the only person in my family who eats carrots.  With this recipe, the carrots soak in the marinade and it makes them so flavorful!  My husband and oldest son ENJOY carrots in this recipe!  🙂  And really, what could be easier….freezer to crockpot.  <3   http://www.mommysfabulousfinds.com/2013/06/crock-pot-honey-garlic-chicken.html Please follow and…

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Dessert, Kid Friendly, No Thawing Required

Mom’s PB Squares

Where my mother found this recipe, I don’t know.  I just know she has been making it as long as I can remember and I never get tired of these.  I feel the need to make them every Christmas.  🙂  They make great gifts, they freeze well, the kids can help make them….there is NOTHING bad to say about them…

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Kid Friendly, lunches, No Thawing Required

Homemade Uncrustables

I get questions often about Homemade Uncrustables.  I made these uncrustables using my Pampered Chef Press N Seal.  I could you give you a little tutorial, but there are several out there that are very good, which I will link to.  I will say that I agree with 2 of the points the others mention:  #1-use fresh bread, #2-put peanut…

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No Thawing Required, Sides

Ranch Baked Potatoes

I found this recipe on Pinterest!  🙂  The original blog it is from is www.plainchicken.blogspot.com.  No photo because we left our camera at my folks house…sorry. Anyway, I tweaked it a little and made it for the July freezer swap with my friends.  That means I had to make it for 6 families.  Instead of giving everyone a 9 x…

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