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My Super Simple Fall Menu Plan 2017

It’s here!  So many folks loved the summer menu plan which thrilled me and I am excited to help you with your fall menu as well!  If you used the summer menu plan, please let me know what you thought about it.

A few things to keep in mind for the fall menu plan:

  1.  This plan is not exclusively freezer meals.
  2.  I made this for how I feed my family (with kids ages 3-13). You will have to tweak for your’s.
  3.  I embrace simple meals, not too fancy, and I’m not creative about veggies.
  4.  I don’t follow any specific diet.
  5.  You may notice a few ideas that are still a work-in-progress because I like to try a few new-to-me recipes.
  6.  There are only 6 meals per week.  I leave one night open for eating out or finishing off leftovers.  Additionally, every Friday night, we have pizza night!

Here is how to use this menu plan:

-This is a 6 week menu plan.  I plan to rotate through it twice to cover the fall months of September, October, November and maybe into a little of December.

-Most meals in this plan are linked to recipes.

-Use it “as is”, shop for the week and cook recipes the night you want to eat them.

-OR use it to “plan ahead”:

  1. prep all chicken dishes one day and stick them in the freezer for the days you need them
  2. brown all the ground beef you will need ahead of time and freeze it
  3. make enough hamburger patties for the entire 6 or 12 weeks and freeze them
  4. double each recipe the first time you make it and freeze the second batch for the second time you rotate through the menu plan
  5. double the garlic bread recipes when you make them and freeze the second batch for later

Here is the printable/savable version:

6 week fall menu plan-Google Docs

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