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A 2nd Freezer Cookbook Review

Several years ago I checked out a bunch of freezer cookbooks from the library and bought a few that I really liked.  You can read about my favorites HERE.  I’m sure I didn’t explore all that were available, but I did a pretty good sampling.  This one recently came to my attention and I checked it out of the library.  I thought I’d do a review for you.  I hope it will help you decide if it is worth your time or money.

Don’t Panic, More Dinner’s in the Freezer

This is the “sequel” to the freezer cookbook with some of my favorite recipes.  The three authors have been cooking together for years, so the sections with tips and planning revolve around a big cooking day like they typically do together.


-Tips included ideas for shopping smart, cooking day, packaging, thawing/defrosting, how long something is good in the freezer, and the different authors’ specific ideas.  Some of these are fantastic tips like specific tools that make the job easier or different ingredients you might not think to freeze.  Some are silly, like one author who wears swim goggles while chopping onions.  🙂

-Recipe categories include appetizers, breads/brunch, soups, poultry & fish, beef & pork, pizza & pasta, side dishes, and desserts.  All the recipes are worked out for 1 recipe or x3, x6, x9.  I love this because it makes it easy to triple a recipe and freeze what you don’t need.

-There are some good tutorials like freezing rice and freezing mashed potatoes.


-I felt that many tips were things a seasoned freezer cook would already know.

-The book includes a key for “deciphering the code” to little recipe icons.  The icons point to recipes that are lighter fare, crockpot, quick, entertaining, or authors’ top three picks.  For lack of a better word, I felt like these were cheesy and unnecessary.  Each recipe already has a quick description, no icons are needed.

-No photos except cover photo (this is funny for me to note since I am terrible at remembering to add photos to my recipe posts).

-I’m not as excited about these recipes as I am about the recipes from the first cookbook.  I only ended up marking a handful of them with sticky notes for saving.

Last thoughts:

-This cookbook let me down.  Which makes me so sad because I love so many recipes from the first one.  That being said, I have not tried any of the recipes.  Maybe I should give it more of a chance, but after two times going through it, only a few recipes interested me.

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