My 5 Favorite Freezer Meals That are NOT Casseroles!

Oh boy, was it hard to come up with only 5 favorite freezer recipes.  I feel like people often don’t want to even try freezer cooking because they have this idea in their heads that freezer cooking is all casseroles.  The recipes I am pointing you to are NOT casseroles.  In fact, I’m not even a big fan of casseroles.  🙂  But I am a fan of these recipes!

Here are 5 favorites in our household:

Greek Chicken-SUPER SIMPLE chicken in the slow cooker with tasty Greek flavors.  It just falls apart.  I like to serve it over egg noodles and top it with black olives and feta cheese.

Cheesy Chicken Bundles-Kid friendly chicken dish with butter, bread crumbs, and savory cheddar and Parmesan cheeses.

Teriyaki Chicken-Always a hit at our house and better than takeout!  Have some in your freezer for those nights you are craving Asian flavors.  I serve it over rice.

Pasta Fagioli-This recipe make an entire 6 quart slow cooker full of delicious soup!  Great for a crowd.

Garlic Balsamic Pork Kabobs-These are delicious on the grill.  I don’t always make kabobs, sometimes we just grill chops that have been marinated this way.  So flavorful!

Have you got a favorite NON-casserole freezer meal?  Share it with us!

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